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AEHS Consulting


AEHS was created in 1989 to facilitate communication and foster cooperation among environmental health and science professionals. Based on our experience and network, we are uniquely positioned to bring to bear the technical experts and information your organization needs.

In the areas of soil and water contamination, including but not limited to:

   Contaminant identification and environmental forensics
   Emerging contaminants
   Fate and transport
   Human and ecological risk assessment
   Regulation and policy

AEHS has an extensive network of professionals worldwide with whom we work.  Whether you are dealing with heavy metals, PCBs, petroleum products and byproducts, unexploded ordnance, fuel oxygenates, perchlorate, etc. AEHS can help get your technical message across to your colleagues, regulators, nontechnical audiences, etc.

Examples of our work:

  • Provide support and experts for ‘blue-ribbon’ panels, technical meetings and workshops.
  • Provide experts and manage peer-review of technical documents
  • Identify and manage expert witnesses, for litigation and other purposes; etc.

For more information about how AEHS can help bring the appropriate technical expertise to your business, please call Dr. Paul Kostecki at 413-549-5170 or email,

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